Play promotes the basic skills of attention and memory , advanced skills of problem solving , analysis and synthesis , planning of steps and planning ahead , In short, play promotes intelligence, creativity, language,skills and communication. social development is promoted by game with rules, where cooperative play, not cheating and waiting for one’s turn are promoted. emotional development is a realm that is enhanced to a great extent in play therapy.

as per Erikson (1963) considering playing as the most  natural healing process in childhood .

there are many creative aspects of play , such as.

play release tension and pent-up emotions.

play allows for compensation for loss,hurt or failure in fantasy.

play faculitates self- discovery of most adaptive behaviour.

play is a medium of expression , learning , relationship and catharsis.

the therapeutic usefulness of play lies in the fact that it is a  natural mode of a child’s also helps in the establishment of rapport and contact with peers since it is interesting, enjoyable and provides for a natural relationship.

play are the best suited therapeutic intervention not only for the children as it can also be incorporated with mental health session with adults.