working with children all those long year had given me a vast experience about how a child toddler struggle to learn to adapt and live in a Uttar different less comforting world then the home itself

” school should be home away from home” .yet our education system presumably create a pressure on both students and children to be adaptive and accepting , eager to learn the movement they get enrolled in the school by parents who are forced by their social environment to accept the norm.

all seems fine till the day one realises that a child is lacking behind and struggling to cope with every day academic lesson even after multiple encouragement and support.

as most of the teacher are not educated and equipped to understand the difference between learning disability and mental health disorders,they end up taging the child as dumb , slow, stupid  leading to multiple complaint to parents.

this situation leads to two ways

one the child get foundling into the hands of an specialist who help the parents child and school understand who the child is slightly different at the part of information processing and information storage for information retrieval so it a corrective situation with slighted change in mode of education as well as curriculum the children can thrive and be successful both mentally , emotionally and academically.

on the other hand if both the school and parents are at fault to understand the needs of the children and tag him/ her as misbehaving, reluctant, problematic etc and process with physical punishment as corrective measures or no intervention provide on any measure to the child with complete ignorance at early stage of life the child suffers the most


a learning disability is mare a condition which slow down the processing of the information by brain and it can be corrected if in time intervention is provide.